• Changes to airline tickets

    From Sunday 8th November, we’ll be making exciting developments to the airline booking site and ticket range.

We understand that in the current environment plans can change very quickly. As such, we will now be offering two different types of return journeys: 

  • Fixed date return: allowing you to book both legs of your journey (specifying the date and time of your outbound and return trips).
  • Flexible return: allowing you to book your first part of the journey and return anytime within 12 months.

Fixed date return and flexible return tickets are available to purchase exclusively via our online booking site.

Customers will still be able to purchase the usual day/next day or period return tickets directly from the driver when boarding the bus. However, from the above date, period return tickets will be valid for one month from the date of issue. 

Purchased your period ticket before 8th November? No worries - our drivers will continue to allow you to travel up to the expiry date printed on your ticket. 

Book your tickets now.